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Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2022)

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Looking for Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes?

Keep reading this article to find out how to redeem the Evil Hunter Tycoon codes for exclusive rewards.

We have listed all the working coupon codes for Evil Hunter Tycoon till now.

New Valid Coupon Codes for Evil Hunter Tycoon:

Coupon CodeRewards
INFINITEFUNRedeem code for exclusive rewards (Valid till 5th Aug, 2022) (New)
EHTHAPPY2YRSRedeem code for 300 Gems (Expires on 26 Mar, 2022)
EHT2NDANNIRedeem code for Spring Dress (Expires on 15 April, 2022)
SPRINGISHERERedeem code for 300 Gems (Expires on 12 Mar, 2022)
HELLOMARCHRedeem code for 300 Gems (Expires on 05 Mar, 2022)
GUILDREWARDRedeem code for exclusive rewards (Expires on 04 March 2022)
LOVEINTHEAIRRedeem code for exclusive rewards (Expires on 26 March 2022)
JOINTHEFIGHTRedeem code for exclusive rewards (Expires on 19th Feb, 2022)
LNYINEHTRedeem code for exclusive rewards (Expires on 12th Feb, 2022)
LUCKY2022Redeem code for 100 Gems (Expires on 14 Feb, 2022)
ZIOBOSSRAIDRedeem code for 300 Gems (Expires on 12 Feb, 2022)
LUNARNYE2022Redeem code for 300 Gems (Expires on 4 Feb, 2022)
SPECIALFAIRYRedeem code for 1 Reclaim Scroll (Expires on 8 Feb, 2022)
NEWGUARDIANRedeem code for 300 Gems (Expires on 28 Jan, 2022)
ANGEL1STANNIRedeem code for 300 Gems (Expires on 31 Jan, 2022)
OXOOXXRedeem code for 300 Gems (Expires on 18 Jan, 2022)

How to redeem Evil Hunter Tycoon codes?

  1. Visit the official website of Evil Hunter Tycoon:
  2. Enter the codes in the ‘Please enter the coupon code’ section then click on the ‘Register Coupon’ button.
  3. Now paste your in-game nickname in the ‘Type your Nickname’ field.
  4. Click on the ‘Register Coupon’ button again and that’s all.

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